Introducing BONAVENTURA Small Wallet


Small Compact Wallet is one of our bestsellers. Please, let us tell more about its charm!

POINT 1 – Compacts size. Easy to fit in a small bag

It is a perfect size for our Mini Shopper Bag and can be used smartly without creating the bulky effect.

POINT 2 – Unexpected storage capacity

Despite its minimal size, it has three cards slots and one slot for banknotes for an excellent storage!
You can fit up to 10 cards in the wallet and it has also a hidden pocket!

POINT 3 – You can choose a type of the leather according to your taste

Full Grain Calf Leather

Full Grain Calf Leather is moderately resistant to scratches, dirt and water.
The wrinkles of the tanning process of the leather are very attractive and are considered as unique characteristics of natural leather.
We guarantee you won’t find the same full grain pattern in more than one item.
The texture is smooth. More you use it more it becomes soft. Developing a natural patina this leather will age beautifully.

Noblessa Saffiano Calf Leather

This leather is a light, durable and finely textured uniformed leather.
The deep and vibrant colour is realized by overlaying a dark colour on a bright one.
The Noblessa Saffiano Calf Leather hardly looses its shape and it is particularity strong and hydrophobic thanks to the Nano Particels Coating which is applied on it during the tanning process.
The aging process of this Noblessa leather is gentle so that you can enjoy the new and fresh state of it for a long time.

POINT 4 – Great choice of original colour variations developed by BONAVENTURA

BONAVENTURA offers a plenty of choice of the unique and unisex original colours, please check them out!

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