WARNING! Counterfeit Goods


WARNING! We have noticed that on Amazon there are unauthorized resellers who imitate BONAVENTURA’s products offering them at low cost. These imitations are far below our quality standards, and all our designs are used without permission.

The only authorized seller on Amazon Europe to sell BONAVENTURA’s products is BONAVENTURA SRL.

When you buy our products on Amazon, please check the seller’s store section.

■ Characteristics of counterfeit goods available on Amazon

  • The fake product does not contain the Warranty Card inside the box
  • The case containing the phone is not made of polycarbonate like the original one and is not chrome plated
  • The leather with which the counterfeit product is made is not real and has the smell of paint
  • The painting on the edges and the stiches are not refined well

■ Confirmation method of Amazon’s authorized reseller

Pay attention to online shopping sites that offer cheap BONAVENTURA’s products. For BONAVENTURA’s products sold individually on auction sites on the internet and in second-hand sales applications, it is not only difficult to verify whether they are authentic, but also if they are covered by our lifetime warranty service.

BONAVENTURA Co., Ltd. wants you to buy the products safely and enjoy the high quality genuine leather products.

Please check this page for more information on counterfeit products and replicas.

Please also contact our Customer Service [email protected] for information on sales points and online sites that appear to be imitations and replicas of BONAVENTURA.

Thank you for your support and information to prevent imitation.